Brian has published three books - First Dance: Venturing Deeper Into a Relationship with God, Awakened: Coming Awake and Coming Alive Through the Beauty of the Gospel, and The Baptism in the Holy Spirit: Why it's for You Today and Why it MattersYou can find all three books on the official Faith Like Birds store.

The blog serves as an outlet for Brian to share his revelations, prophetic insights, and process with the Lord. To read any of Brian's past blogs and most recent posts, visit the blog page. 

This vlog channel on the Faith Like Birds YouTube channel, serves as extension of the written blogs that Brian writes. To watch any of the vlogs posted, visit the Vlog Playlist on YouTube.

To watch Brian speaking on the baptism of the Holy Spirit during one of his ministry trips click here.

Conversations with Brian Connolly and Ryan Bastress (Wake Ministries) is a weekly video podcast. On this podcast, Brian and Ryan discuss what the Lord has been speaking to them about in the current season, and our great need for the Holy Spirit. Visit our audio-only full playlist on SoundCloud.

You can tune in to Conversations on Facebook Live every Tuesday at 10:00AM. To watch live, visit Brian's Facebook page.

The Propheticast is Praise Community Church's weekly podcast featuring Brian Connolly and Joe D'Orsie. On this podcast, Brian and Joe discuss scripture, the function of prophecy, the Holy Spirit, testimony, and much more. Visit our full playlist on SoundCloud.

You can tune in to the Propheticasts on Facebook Live every Wednesday at 5:00PM. To watch live, visit Praise Community Church's Facebook page.

i61 (Isaiah 61) was Praise Community Church's Thursday evening service that was led by the Holy Spirit. Brian Connolly was the primary speaker at this service and would share His revelations from the Holy Spirit. Visit the full playlist on SoundCloud.

The YouTube playlist featured below is compilation of Sunday morning services led by Brian Connolly at Praise Community Church. Visit the full playlist on YouTube.