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Beauty is the Feet of Jesus | Faith Like Birds | Part XXXXIII

“…which shall not be taken from her” — Luke 10:42.

What you gain when you choose Jesus above all of the noise, distraction, and criticism of others will not be taken from you.

The Lord is a rewarder of those that seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).

The reward is God Himself, for what else could be more precious than the very person of Jesus?

He alone is worthy to be praised and He alone is worthy to be cherished.

People who are overwhelmed within, cannot be overwhelmed without.

People who feast each day on the daily bread that Jesus has for them will not be malnourished.

Their souls and their spirit will prosper.

The enemy, on the other hand, would love for you to feast on the temptations he puts in front of you while making empty promises that they will satisfy.

May we never forget that this very snake in the grass is quite crafty (Genesis 3:1).

He is skilled in the art of deception and has been a master of luring people away from the secret place for thousands of years.

Remember: The enemy does not fear your church attendance, your bible knowledge, or your history of serving. He’s terrified of your pursuit of Jesus.

He is anti the very ministry we are all called into.

Our primary ministry in life is to minister to the Lord.

It’s our love that Jesus wants because loving Him is what we were all created for.

We’ll never know any fulfillment in life until we satisfy the means for which we were created.

This is why we must learn the ministry of the feet of Jesus.

We minister to the Lord when we choose Him.

Oh how this blesses His heart!

Over and over again we read this charge in Scripture: “Seek.”

Seek My face (Psalm 27:8).

Seek first the kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33).

Seek the Lord while He can be found (Isaiah 55:6).

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13).

This seeking is the very thing the enemy is wanting to disrupt.

He wants you preoccupied with anything and everything but this ONE thing.

He’d rather you serve the Lord than pursue the Lord.

He’d rather you make what Jesus can do for you a bigger deal than wanting to know Him.

While asking the Lord what He wanted me to write today that would result in the greatest blessing for those who’d read these humble words, I felt like I heard Him say, “Sit at my feet.”

To learn the ministry of the feet of Jesus is to learn… the position of stillness… the art of listening… the act of surrender… the posture of abandonment… and the pouring out the contents of a heart filled with love.

Although I’ve written about Mary many times in the past, it would appear that her example remains to be something the Lord continues to want to get across to us.

It’s at Jesus’ feet where He begins to build something within us that remains… something the enemy can’t destroy.

We’ve been talking a lot about being overwhelmed by God from within… This only happens when we choose Him, when He becomes the centerpiece of our ambitions, when He becomes our one and only desire.

“…which shall not be taken from her,” is a phrase that describes what happens when someone is overwhelmed with the knowledge of God on the inside.

Whatever seeks to come against this person cannot enter what’s already occupied.

The comments of others and the worries of this world cannot build strongholds within someone that is already filled with the knowledge of God.

My good friend and missionary, Nic Billman, once said, “The highest place to be is at the feet of Jesus.”

We cannot afford to leave that place.

This is where we behold Him, meditate on all that He’s done, and listen.

Andrew Murray once said that if we want to find our end, we must look to our beginning.

We begin at the feet of Jesus and we end at the feet of Jesus.

It’s not about your destination. It’s about loving Him throughout the journey.

The key to being overwhelmed by God is becoming fascinated with the beauty of what these feet came to do.

- Brian Connolly, Faith Like Ministries

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