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The Unveiling Prophetic School is where a hunger for deeper intimacy with God converges with the power of the Holy Spirit, to help one become the extension of God's voice they were created to be. This experiential crash course in the prophetic explores scripture, invites the Holy Spirit, and embraces the gift and exercise of prophecy. In the school we also seek to answer common questions like what is a prophet, what is the baptism of the Holy Spirit and how does that affect ministry, and how do I prophesy? "TUPS" is no casual school experience, it's a hands-on journey into the often times understudied and under practiced world of prophecy! 

The Unveiling Prophetic School is a two year ministry school that’s broken up into four, eight week semesters that are designed to equip students to minister prophetically. Each semester will focus on the impartation of specific themes to bring students to a place where they can know their identity in Christ, perceive God in a healthy way, minister from a place of stability and congruence, learn how to pray effectively and recognize God’s voice, understand one's prophetic nature and the gift of prophecy, and become accustomed to prophetic protocol.

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