December 2020 Newsletter

Dear Partners and Friends,


Happy new year! I hope and pray that this newsletter finds you well and full of expectation concerning what God will do in 2021. Although December was a peculiar month for Faith Like Birds due to spikes in Covid-19 that resulted in the cancellation of certain ministry events, it still proved to be a month filled with the goodness of God and testimonies nonetheless. May you be encouraged and blessed as you read on and bear witness to the many wonderful things God did this month through the ministry and the kindness of your financial partnership and prayers.


Our family had a wonderful Christmas despite it being different this year with the pandemic, which resulted in the absence of certain family members at our usual gatherings. The kids enjoyed their break from school and baking cookies with Nicole and their grandmother, and I enjoyed the extra time I was able to spend with them.


On top of celebrating Christmas, December is also a month where we celebrate six birthdays within my family, including yours truly! If your own birthday doesn’t cause you to feel old, having your oldest child turn 13 will! Nicole and I can now honestly say we have a teenager in the house. Pray for us!

Baking cookies with Mimi

Merry Christmas from us to you!

I think the numbers are  backwards... they should say '24' not '42'

Emma is officially a teenager!


Our first ever ‘Identity Institute’ was a huge success! I was privileged to have ministered to over 40 enrollees! The six week course ended on December 16th and the testimonies from those impacted by the content have been truly inspiring. One student said to me, “These classes have changed my life.” That’s the kind of feedback that will touch your heart and cause you to thank the Lord!

Earlier in the month, I ministered at Pathway Community Church’s late night youth event. Many of the students encountered God in precious ways through His presence and the release of prophetic words! The youth pastor later told me that he was so grateful for what the kids experienced and that it was exactly what he was hoping would take place.

The Greenhouse was extra special in December. I preached on the power of faith that comes from hearing the wonderful things Jesus did for people in scripture and through personal testimonies of others and we prayed for healing for those that needed it. As a result, a truly wonderful testimony came forth for a young girl named Jasmine. Please read her story below.

On Friday night at The Greenhouse (December 18th), we bore witness to something wonderful! When I had asked if anyone had any pain or sickness or injury that needed healed, a young girl in the back raised her hand and shared with us that she was born with a rare disorder that affected her Achilles tendons. The disorder resulted in her tendons being shorter and it caused her knee and ankle pain and would sometimes cause her feet to turn odd ways when at rest.


After I invited her to stand, we prayed that God would take the pain out of her knees and ankles. She immediately reported that they felt better, but there was no real way to tell if her Achilles tendons had lengthened or not; although, we did pray that they would.


Tearfully, this young girl also mentioned how my message deeply touched her and how it seemed to speak directly to her. She reported that she had lost her father when she was 8 years old and how she blamed God for it. As a result, she had walked away from the Lord, but now, at 16 years of age, she said the message opened her heart back up and she was ready to give her heart back to the One she pushed away. 


Along with her friend, I led her in a prayer of making Jesus the lord of her life. I also had the privilege of prophesying some things over her that her friend echoed were true. 

Finally, before leaving, this young girl grabbed a hold of me and said, “I’ve had back pain for two years and I just realized that it’s completely gone.” 


We didn’t even pray for her back pain. Jesus simply healed it by way of confirming the message that was shared that evening. 


I can’t help but to wonder if the length of her Achilles tendons affected her back and if the healing of her back is a sign that God did in fact heal her tendons.

Brian at PCC _ December 2020

It’s become a tradition for me at Praise Community Church to share what it is that I believe the Lord is telling me regarding an upcoming year. I believe with all of my heart that 2021 will be the year of three things: 1.) The good news, 2.) Faith, and 3.) The immediately of heaven. To hear more about what the Lord has revealed to me for this new year, please click here or the image to watch my most recent message at PCC.


Holy Spirit Class

DON’T MISS THIS EXCITING OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PERSON OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! I’m going to be teaching a six week course called ‘The Holy Spirit: Who He Is and His Activity in the Life of the Believer’ beginning Wednesday, January 13th at Praise Community Church. Sign ups are now open and both in class and ONLINE options are available! Click here or the image to register and check out the details for this life changing class!


The Shout Youth Conference will be held at Praise Community Church on April 23rd-24th and we are looking to go bigger than we did last year! It will once again feature Poppin John and myself. I’m also bringing my friend, Will Hart, to minister to the students as well as my friends from The Foundry to lead worship. This is sure to be an amazing time! 


Due to expenses like flights, lodging, honorariums, and advertising, we are roughly looking at a $7,000 budget. As a result, we are looking for financial backers to help make this event a reality and a place where students’ lives can be changed forever.


If you’d like to be a financial partner for this event, you may click here and select ‘Shout Conference Donations’ or you can give through the Church Center Mobile App. You can download it for free!


Thanks to the volunteer work of some of the FLB team, our social media outlets are up and running again. Please follow us to stay up to date on FLB happenings and testimonies, as well as, our weekly blogs and vlogs.


If you haven’t yet already, would you consider becoming a monthly partner with Faith Like Birds? Your partnership allows me to minister freely to whomever and wherever. There are many places that I go that are unable to pay for my services. I never want that to be a hindrance. Your willingness to sow into Faith Like Birds grants me the freedom to minister without the concern of being able to provide for my family. We also honor and thank those of you who have given a one time donation. The fact is that any and all donations have truly contributed to the success and reach of this ministry.

Ways to Give:

  • The Church Center Mobile App - (download it for free on the App Store) Set up recurring giving or a one-time gift and select the fund "Faith Like Birds."

  • Online - click here - Set up recurring giving or a one-time gift and select the fund "Faith Like Birds."

  • Texting - Text the dollar amount you'd like to give to 84321, followed by "faith like birds."

  • Mail - Mail your check or cash to Praise Community Church (705 S. Ogontz St., York, PA 17403). Put "Faith Like Birds" in the memo line.

  • Giving Page on Website- click here for more.


  • On January 23rd, I’ll be speaking at a youth conference called “Take a Stand” at New Life Church in Canton, PA. Please pray that these students would encounter God like never before and that I’d be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  • Please pray that God continues to move powerfully at the monthly Greenhouse meetings and that the Lord would continue to send those in need of salvation and an encounter with the Lord.

  • Please pray for wisdom for me and Nicole. We have begun the potential process of looking for a new home. We have loved our 10 year tenure in our current residence, but we’ve been at max capacity for a while now. Please pray that the Lord directs us to the right home for us.

  • Please pray the Lord would send financial backers for The Shout.

  • Please pray for more and more doors of service to open for FLB.

  • Lastly, please pray for sleep for my family. It’s something that has seemingly been under attack recently.

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