June 2021 Newsletter

Dear Partners and Friends,

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I hope and pray that all of you fathers had a great Father’s Day with your family! I was surprised to learn that I won a trophy for being the best dad! While I certainly have my shortcomings in that area, I count it a great privilege to be the father of my four girls whom I love dearly! I know in their eyes I’m number one.


I also hope and pray that all of you had a wonderful holiday weekend and a relaxing Fourth of July! My family and I remain exceedingly encouraged by your love, support, and prayers. I believe you’ll find this newsletter to be quite exciting! Jesus did many wonderful things this past month and I know you’ll edified by the testimonies you’ll read!

Please Pray!

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Our team feels overwhelmingly confident with our newly concentrated focus on youth evangelism. There is no doubt in our mind that this is what we are called to do. It is our heart’s desire to see students encounter God in life changing ways with the sole goal that they would surrender their whole life to Him. We are continuing to plan The Shout for 2022, but we would deeply value your prayers regarding this goal of reaching a generation. Please pray that the Lord would grant us wisdom and strategies for ministering to these young ones. Please pray that the Lord would open doors for ministry in this area as well.

We, ourselves, are currently waiting on the Lord for direction. We really believe that this summer is a critical time for us to really sit before the Lord and seek His guidance while things tend to slow down during this time. It would mean so much if you would partner with us in this area.

Ministry Highlights

Awakened Youth Group -- York, PA

I had the awesome privilege of ministering at Awakened Youth’s end of year Rooted Lock-In June 4th-5th. On the first evening, the Lord had me challenge these students to live completely surrendered before Him. I explained that fire only falls on sacrifice and that if we want to keep the fire burning, we must live laid down before Him. I gave an altar call for those that were willing to commit to such a lifestyle to come forward to be touched by the fire of the Lord. It was so precious watching the Lord meet those students at the altar with His presence.

The second evening was filled with moments of deliverance as the Lord highlighted to me specific needs in the room that He wanted to address in the lives of the students. I was so proud at how honestly the students responded as different issues were called out. Many of the students encountered the Lord in wonderful ways as the Holy Spirit ministered the finished work of the cross!

Rugged Youth Retreat -- Penn Yan, NY

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Although a picture can be worth a thousand words, these images can’t adequately describe what my team experienced underneath that tent while ministering to more than 100 students in Penn Yan, NY on June 11th-13th.

To be honest, I am still hearing testimonies from the leadership team of this event. Aside from watching the students physically respond to the encounters they received, I’ve heard reports of two students claiming to have been taken to heaven to see Jesus and deceased family members while we prayed for teens to receive the baptism in the Spirit. I’ve also heard reports of one young girl being set free from suicidal thoughts and temptations toward same sex attraction. During the event on Saturday morning, some students stood up and boldly testified that they had experienced the Lord for the first time in their life during the ministry time the night before. One girl tracked me down crying while she told me how the Lord healed her from the rejection she experienced from her father. Another young girl testified that she had been set free from anxiety. These are the things my team and I live for. These are the types of experiences this generation needs. This is what we want to bring to them!

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I also had the honor of speaking at both morning services at Wellspring Fellowship on Sunday morning in Penn Yan. I was able to encourage them around the importance of hungering for the Lord and how this is our top priority as believers. I also was able to pray for a good number of people at the end of both services. To watch my message, please click here.

The Heart of Man Class -- Praise Community Church

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Full Class- HOM Class.jpg

Roughly 65 students signed up to be a part of this six week journey that sought to bring awareness to the importance of their inner life and its relationship to God. I count it such a privilege to be able to invest in and disciple the hungry and to be able to continue to serve Praise Community Church in this way. Many of the students reported to me how much of a blessing these classes were and how they have helped transform their relationship with God. That’s one of the greatest things a teacher can here!

Other Ministry Happenings

  • Praise Community Church: To watch my June 6th message on fasting, please click here.

  • New Life For Girls: I love these women so much. It’s such a blessing to be able to encourage them. The Lord led me to speak to them about what it means to glory in humiliation and to rejoice in humble circumstances. I believe He wanted me to help them to see that their being in the program is not something they should despise or feel ashamed about; rather, they should thank God for working humility in them.


Ways to Give:

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  • Please pray that we don’t move so slow that we fall behind what the Lord is doing and that we don’t move so fast that we get ahead of what He is doing. Now that we know what we ought to be focused on regarding youth evangelism and big youth events, it’s easy for me to want to plow ahead and get discouraged if things aren’t happening quickly. I realize there are times when the Lord prepares us for what’s ahead and it very much feels like that’s what He is doing. We aren’t in transition. We are in a metamorphosis. The season isn’t changing. Rather, we are the ones that are changing.

  • Please pray for us while we continue to work on rebranding the ministry.

  • Please pray that the Lord continues to form His attitude within us.

  • Please pray for the students that encountered the Lord in Penn Yan. Pray that they maintain what it is that they received.

  • Please pray for me while I contemplate a possible idea the Lord has given me for a new book. Pray that if it’s indeed from Him that I would have the grace to write it.

  • Please pray that we would know the difference between ours and the Lord’s responsibility when it comes to the ministry.

  • Please pray that we would know what the future of The Greenhouse is.