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What does it mean to partner with Faith Like Birds?

When you sign up to give monthly donations of any amount, you automatically become a Faith Like Birds partner. It has always been our desire to minister freely without a price tag attached to what we do. Your giving gives us the freedom to do just that. The gospel is free and we'd like to keep it that way. We are blessed to be able to serve without having to put a financial burden upon those we minister to and we have our partners to thank for that.

Faith Like Birds is called to be a voice to the next generation through preaching gospel and encounters with the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe one moment with God can change everything and cause a person to lay their life before Him forever. Your donations provide these young people with the opportunity to have such a moment.

To learn more about how Faith Like Birds is reaching the next generation, visit our About page.

Please Note: Our partners can stay connected through our monthly newsletter and scheduled vision breakfasts.

4 Ways to Invest in the Next Generation

Make a one-time or recurring donation to Faith Like Birds. Select "Faith Like Birds" in the fund drop-down menu.

Give to FLB via the FREE Church Center app. Be sure to select the "Faith Like Birds" fund option.

Give easily and quickly on your mobile device using


If you want to give but can't do so online, you can send your donation in the mail.

Is FLB affiliated with any other ministry?

Yes. Because Brian served as a full time pastor at Praise Community Church for 10 years and because he continues to attend there with his family, FLB is currently headquartered at Praise. Because Brian believes it's important for itinerant ministries and ministers to be connected to the local church and to come under the authority of senior leadership, Brian has chosen to remain accountable to his senior pastor and local body of believers. That is why all monies given to FLB are first made out to Praise Community Church and are then given to Brian and other FLB employees by way of salary.

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