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Faith Like Birds | Part XX

In his Christian classic called “Humility,” author, pastor, and missionary, Andrew Murray, points out this simple observation: Water always flows to the lowest place.

Similarly, grace is given to the humble (see James 4:6).

Grace flows like a river to the surrendered — to those who realize that they can do nothing in their own strength… and to those who no longer want to live for themselves, but for the will of the One who created them.

This river of grace will crash up against and obliterate everything in its path while also giving life and empowering what should remain.

If you want to see things change and overcome in your life, go low.

The lower you go before Him, the higher you go in Him.

The emptier we are, the more filled we’ll live.

The more void we are of our strength, the more overcome we’ll be with His.

All striving stops when faith meets what He’s accomplished. This is where the soul finds its rest.

One of the greatest revelations I find myself living in is contained in two words: I CAN’T.

Since being born again, I have desires in my heart that I’ve never had before — desires to look like and be like Him… desires to please Him… desires to live holy… desires to bring Him glory — none of which will happen in my own strength.

I can’t give myself what I long for.

There is no amount of trying that will accomplish it.

Only grace can grant it.

There is literally nothing I can do on my own strength and the same goes for you, too.

Self-reliance is a form of pride and pride is something God will always oppose.

Pride — not needing God, doing it in your own strength, making it about you — is what’s resisted and dams the river of grace.

The greatest thing you and I can do is see the absolute beauty that’s contained in surrender and succumb to our never ending need of more of Him.


Take the pressure off.

Let Him finish what He started.

Let Him give what He’s promised.

Let Him perform the miracle.

Let Him fight the battle.

I pray that you would begin to truly experience the freedom that humility offers and that you and I both would remain in it.

There is rest in surrender!

There is grace for the lowly!

Never forget that the blessings of the kingdom of God are given to the poor in spirit (Matthew 5:3) — to those that are bankrupt of their own strength and are in desperate need of His.

Take time today to bow your heart before Him in recognition that only He can give to you what you long to have formed within you. Only His strength can overcome what you struggle with. Only His ability can open the doors He wants you to walk through.

There is no amount of “I’m going to change that” or “I’m going to do better” or “I’m just going to try harder” or “I’ll just stop doing that” that can do what only grace can do.

Receive His empowerment today.

Choose humility everyday.

The lower you go, the more He’ll lift you up in Him.

- Brian Connolly, Faith Like Birds Ministries

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