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The Knocking Voice

Lift up your heads, O gates,

And be lifted up, O ancient doors,

That the King of glory may come in!

Psalm 24:7

The door of the human heart may be the most ancient of all.

It has certainly been around for a long time and dates as far back to our ancestors who once occupied a garden called Eden.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock…” Revelation 3:20

You only knock upon what you wish to have opened so that you may enter in.

This is what the Lord wants.

He wants us to open ourselves fully to Him.

He wants access to everything.

He wants to become our one and only.

He doesn’t want to just come in and stand in the foyer.

He wants the full tour.

The word ‘behold’ means to perceive through sight or apprehension.

In this particular instance, it means to be aware or take notice of what it is that Jesus is doing.

It’s not so much something you can see with your two eyes; rather, it’s something you become conscious of on the inside.

It’s something you sense, feel, and come to realize.

Are you aware that He is knocking?

Does each rapt echo within you?

Have you sensed that He’s after more of you?

Do you understand that no one stands and knocks upon a door forever?

At some point, the knocking ceases when the door isn’t opened.

However, “if anyone hears My voice and opens the door…

The Lord isn’t using His fist to knock upon the door of your heart.

He’s using His voice.

This may be a stretch to say, but I’m willing to bet that all that God does is first and foremost through His voice.

He speaks.

And when He does, His presence is made manifest.

He’s calling for us to respond.

The knocking you may be hearing or sensing is the direct result of the word of the Lord going forth, saturated with the very presence of the Holy Spirit, beckoning for you and I to lift up our ancient doors.

He wants to come in.

I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.

The Lord wants it all.

And it’s the poor in spirit that grant Him His request.

It’s those that see and understand and are in touch with their need for Him that give Him access.

Their lowliness opens the door.

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I want to give Him all of me.

I don’t want a single thing to be off limits.

I’m not sure how much more of me there is to surrender, but the cry of my heart is for Him to possess me.

Take it all, Jesus.

Make us to be a people that are overwhelmed within by all that You are.

- Brian Connolly, Faith Like Birds Ministries


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