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He Wants It All

I have given a lot of prophetic words over the years.

I’ve given words to individuals.

I’ve given words to churches.

I’ve given words to the body of Christ at large.

Some have proven accurate.

Some have proven wrong.

And some have yet to come to pass.

But one thing is for sure… I have no idea what I’m doing sometimes.

I’m doing the best I can to be obedient and I’m desiring that what comes out of me flows from the pure motive of love.

The truth is that every single prophetic person sees and knows in part

(see 1 Corinthians 13:12).

That means we don’t always have the complete picture.

If they tell you that they have it, they are lying.

We are simply catching glimpses at times.

When it comes to sharing what I believe God is doing within and preparing the church for, I’ve noticed something.

I’ve noticed that the greater the distance between when I gave a prophetic word and the present moment, the more I understand it… the more it makes sense.

There’s something about the hindsight of years past that bring a word more clearly into focus.

I’ve found this happening to me a lot recently.

As I consider all that the Lord has had me say in the last 10 years, I see one common thread running throughout my prophetic ministry to the church… and it’s this: We must get ready for what is coming.

Preparation always precedes visitation.

And the preparation that’s required is our consecration to the Lord.

We cannot expect to have more of Him if we are unwilling to make room for Him.

When you consecrate yourself to God, you are declaring that it all belongs to Him.

There’s nothing that’s off limits.

You lay the totality of who you are on that altar and you are unwilling to get off of it.

You subject everything to His lordship.

Your money.

Your time.

Your motives.

Your decisions.

Your job.

Your ministry.

Your family.

It all belongs to Him… and He’s asking for it all.

I’m not sure if you can feel it or not, but there is a great weight to what He’s after in this season.

I recently heard John Bevere say, “He is coming back for a bride that gives herself to Him in the same way He gave Himself to her.”

Jesus held nothing back.

His very life was surrendered… His very will laid down.

In John 12, we read about these Greeks who came to Philip with one sole desire in their hearts.

They said, “Sir, we wish to see Jesus.” (see John 12:20-21).

Jesus’ response is staggering.

He states that unless a person is willing to die to themselves… let go of their right to their own life, they will never bear fruit and they will ultimately lose what they are so desperately clinging to (see John 12:24-26).

In other words, the door to seeing Jesus is living like Jesus.

If we want to be where He is and walk in what He walked in, we must follow His example.

The only way we genuinely get to experience Him and the only way God can get glory out of a human being is through death.

The gate we must pass through in preparation for this next great outpouring of the Holy Spirit is self denial.

The cross is the doorway to pentecost.

It always was and it always will be.

We must be wiling in this hour to surrender all with no intention of ever picking it up again.

If we want to walk in more than what we are walking in, we must make room for it.

And God is wanting us to count the cost of what that all entails.

- Brian Connolly, Faith Like Birds Ministries


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