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Hungry, Hungry Kiddos | Faith Like Birds | Part LIX

The hunger that's in the world - the very groaning of creation - is provoking the children of God to hunger for Him.

In the parable Jesus uses to teach His disciples what it is that they should be persistently asking for in prayer, He shares a story about a man who suddenly receives a visitor at the midnight hour.

In that exact moment, the man becomes aware of the fact that he has nothing to feed his famished friend.

Although it’s midnight, this sense of urgency needs to be addressed immediately.

The shame of not being able to feed his guest gripped his heart.

As a result, he himself became hungry to satiate the hunger of his friend.

The need of the moment caused him to become aware of what he lacked… what he couldn’t give… what he couldn’t produce.

This is why he responded with a ravenous desire to care for and feed his visitor, which was evidenced by his persistent knocking on the door of a friend’s house and asking for three loaves of bread.

I believe with all of my heart that all the same feels contained in this parable are beginning to be experienced by the people of God right now.

The midnight hour has come.

We are being provoked to hunger.

The desire for more is here.

The conviction of the Lord is upon us.

And we are becoming aware of our need for more of the Holy Spirit.

The demand in the world (all that needs healed, reconciled, restored) reveals our supply.

We are either able to demonstrate the gospel or not.

We are either able to give people an encounter or not.

And like the man in this parable, we either have bread or we don’t.

Indeed, I believe a great dissatisfaction is rising up inside of us.

I believe we are becoming dissatisfied with what we ‘know,’ with what we are currently walking in, and with what we are able to produce.

I believe we are growing tired of our lack and with all that’s not right in the world.

And it’s this dissatisfaction that is awakening us to hunger.

Hunger for God empties us of all self-reliance and causes us to become completely dependent on Him.

Hunger implies that there is something empty within you that needs to be filled and you realize that everything else cannot satisfy it... only God.

The emptier you are, the more room there is for you to be filled.

I believe we are going to see people feeling called to fast.

The physical hunger that they feel will remind them of the spiritual hunger that plagues them.

Every pang of hunger will be a signal that reminds them of what they really want.

Thankfully, we know where to go.

We know whose door we must knock on.

We know who to ask and what to ask for.

We know who to seek.

The Holy Spirit is and will forever remain to be our greatest need.

- Brian Connolly, Faith Like Birds Ministries


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