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The More's Are Getting Married | Faith Like Birds | Part LV

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

The truth of the matter is that God has always been attracted to those who desire Him.

In fact, His eyes scour the earth looking for hearts that beat for Him and Him alone (see 2 Chronicles 16:9).

And it’s my belief that there’s a greater desire for the Lord that’s rising up inside of His people.

Your desire for more is about to be kissed by His more.

In Luke 11:13, we read these amazing words: “…how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?”

Indeed, your yearning for more touches God’s more.

The Father wants to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him.

It’s your wanting of Him that moves His heart.

This is a God who cherishes being cherished and loves being loved.

He longs to give more of Himself to those who want more of Him.

And I believe we are on the verge of seeing a marriage between these two desires.

A great convergence is coming.

A holy collision is on the horizon.

Can you feel it?

Have you felt the tug in your heart — the pull to simply get away and say to Him, “I need more?”

This is the work of the Spirit in this hour. I’m convinced of it.

I believe the greatest prayer we can be praying right now is this: “Father, can I have more of the Holy Spirit?”

He gives to those that persistently ask.

Our persistence proves our longing to Him. It reveals our resolve. And it’s always rewarded.

- Brian Connolly, Faith Like Birds Ministries


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